Handmade Sea Glass Jewlery

Authentic sea glass, tumbled by the Oceans around the world, hand picked, then fashioned into wearable art to be worn by all Mermaids on land or sea.

Why Are These Translucent Baubles Special?  Most of these pieces come from vintage or antique glass. A found piece of Sea Glass that is well frosted and smooth took a minimum of a decade to get this way. The probability is it took several decades to a century plus. Depending on age, color of glass and condition of frostiness will determine its value. The history, allure, mystery and beauty are unique to each piece of Sea Glass.



Sea Glass Turtle Pendant


Husband found the gorgeous cobalt blue sea glass and the wife loves sea turtles….My magic did the rest.  From sketch conception, pre-assemble, to finish product my client was involved through out the entire project.  Result was a completely satisfied Land Mermaid with a Sea Glass treasure uniquely hers.

turtle sketch turtle presembleIMG_2588Designing your own Sea Glass treasure is only an email away.  You can use your own Sea Glass or we can raid my stash.

         Deborah A. Leon/Designer