Deborah A. Leon

Hi,  my name is Deborah and welcome to Mermaid’s Purse.  I’ve been making Wearable Art with Sea Glass since 2009. I started with simple wire wraps and have expanded my skills into metalsmithing, utilizing many facets of working with silver.  I learned under professor Irene Mori at El Camino College, Torrance, California.
My whole life I have lived on a coast line some where.  Lake Superior, Rhode Island, Tiawan and California.   Everything in my life is greatly influenced by the ocean and living on the coast.

As an artist since the earliest of years I am mostly inspired by the endless colors of creation, history, and fantasy.  My favorite challenges have always been taking natural, old, and recycable elements and turning them into art….pretty art.

My earliest memories are of building miniature living-rooms in the thick woods of Calumet, Michigan. Toad stools, sticks, acorns, moss, bark, beach agate and leaves were just waiting for me to create living quarters for my little fairy friends. Yes indeed….I played with fairies.

As a teen my work has been displayed in the New York Museum of Art and sold to the affluent in Argentina.   As an adult my work has been expressed in make-up artistry for Revlon and Loreal,  interior design, landscaping, and my latest venture sea glass jewelry.  With a little imagination and determination I have taken sea treasures off the window-sill, table tops and out of containers to be worn and enjoyed.

This passion of Sea Glass, Mermaid’s, Ship Wreck’s, History and Mythology is infectious.  Journey with me as I build new product, blog about sea glass info and don’t miss the tellings of  Ula my Mermaid.  It’s a fantastical world.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas