April 22, 2010




Some of us prefer these over diamonds!

SEA GLASS JEWELRY is sure to enchant Mermaid’s on land or sea.  In fact myth has it that sailors and fishermen of days gone by referred to these translucent baubles as Mermaid’s Tears.

DISCARDED: Sea Glass is discarded or lost glass.  Before their were modern day guide lines for disposing of trash, it was common practice for dump sites to be over the cliffs of local shores.  Freight liners would dump over the ship’s side near harbors, and of course there those who left and tossed trash on the beaches.  Thus discarded glass.

LOST GLASS: So what is lost glass?  From ship wrecks of course!  There are the old ships that couldn’t navigate and withstand squalls and winter storms.  Then there are war ships that have sunk over the ages that are filled with glass ware of all kinds.

Does this stir your imagination?  The allure of Sea Glass is not just in its beauty.  The history and identification of a piece of  Sea Glass can send you on a quest that could become an obsession.  You see most Sea Glass is vintage or antique in age.

FROSTED Sea Glass is actually caused by a process called Hydration.  Over decades and decades of glass swirling in the currents of the sea which has a high saline ( mineral ) content will cause the lime to leach from the bottle and redeposit itself over the surface of the bottle giving it a  frosted, pitted, etched appearance.

PRETTY COOL TRASH…each piece is unique in shape, color, size and condition.  It requires sorting through hundreds of pieces of sea glass ( with a cup of coffee)  to select two  for a pair of earrings.

GLASS OR GEM:  I’ll let you decide!  What started as a combination of elements form the earth to become something man-made was returned to the earth via its water ways to be recomposed by nature to reappear as something more gem-like.  Fascinating!

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