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March 23rd, 2010

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Original Sea Glass Jewelry Creations by Daniel Renee & Deborah Leon

One of the great things about writing a blog like Coastal Creations and Design is the ability to attract wonderful folks that share the same common interests. As fate has it, we recently received a few favorable comments to a current post from two very talented artists, and both create exceptional sea-inpired jewelry from beach-combed sea glass. So I checked out their websites and Wah-lah! . . .the inspiration for another coastal creation. (See what writing a nice comment to our blog might bring you!)

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It is a thrill to be recognized for my artwork in making Sea Glass Jewelry. Being paired up with Danielle Renee is most impressive and an honor.  In this emerging niche of  Sea Glass Jewelry which is very competitive, it’s great to be recognized with a stamp mark of quality.

Thank you to all my clients, followers and visitors.  It’s fun sharing and creating for you.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,

Deborah Leon   artist/collector

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