Keep it Real!!

June 30th, 2012

I Hate Fake!!

Don’t let the pic throw you off …there really is a point.

I’m not what you would call a “Shopper” I didn’t get that girly gene so when I do finally get up the fortitude to go forth and endure such an adventure for a treasure I expect perfection.  Any one else out there like me?

So yesterday the hub is away for a day and the son is lifeguarding and hanging with friends so I thought I’d look for a slouch bag to accomodate my rather thick diary/calendar/sketch pad.

Need coffee for this 1st so I get my mocha to charge up my batteries.  Done.

I go early in the morning cause crowds make me claustrophobic…I know…got issues.

So I’m thinking I’d like something Boho/Hippie looking cause that’s my era and it’s making a splash again as a trend, a couple of possibilities but no cigar.  So the search continues looking at anything slouchy with a long strap.  I’m in that department so long I notice the not so undercover plain clothes security person hanging out near me for about 1/2 an hour.  I hate shopping…it really is painful.  After deliberating over 5 I choose ” The One ” a Marc Fisher Celebrity Bucket Bag in camel.  It’s so soft and looks cute but can’t find the dang label to see if it’s leather or not.

Time to check out, pay for my prize and head home.  Once home I pull out all the stuffing inside the bag and am looking just everywhere for the label.  Finally, a teeny tiny tag at the bottom…Da da…100% PVC….What!!!   Not possible!  I spent all this time for a piece of %#$@>!   You gotta be kidding, I thought this stuff was banned.  I was so bumming out.  The bag is so cute.

I returned the bag this morning in dismay and shopped for another bag at yet another store.

I like things as natural and real as possible, it’s healthier, looks better and generally is a better investment.


Mermaid’s Purse Sea Glass Jewelry is NOT fake.

No tumbling, false shaping or buying it from Michaels.

The Sea Glass is collected by me or friends from the shore and used as you see it.  The surface patina is not altered.  I use real leather, sterling silver and semi-precious stone beads and pearls as embellishments.  In the event something is not real I will let you know up front ( no searching for teeny tiny tags ).

Stripe Linen

This is my new’s bigger than it looks…very summery & cheerful 🙂

Keep it Real!!

Fair Winds and Calm Seas

Deborah Leon

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