Soul Surfer’s Mom – Sea Glass Necklace

July 15th, 2012

White Sea Glass and Blue Agate



Cheri Hamilton the mom of  Bethany Hamilton and the Author of Raising A Soul Surfer is the new owner of this Mermaid inspired Sea Glass Necklace.

Cheri and Bethany Hamilton - Raising a Soul Surfer

What a privilege and inspiration to meet Cheri Hamilton Saturday morning (7/14/2012) at a women’s event in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Cheri is so kick back..chill, easy going in spirit and attitude, solid as a rock in her faith as a Christian, devoted mom and wife and life long surfer.  She took a little time from her

book-signing tour to visit us.

Being the mom of a surfer myself I just needed to ask her a question.  Me –  ” Are there days when your child goes out in the ocean that you feel it is more dangerous than others “

Cheri – ”  ALL THE TIME “

As our eyes connected there was an instant bond as only mom’s of surfers could understand.  In a moment of wanting to bless her I unlatched my  Sea Glass Necklace, reached over the book-signing table and motioned for her to lean forward so that I could place this gift around her neck.  It looks so pretty on her…it was always meant to be hers.  In amazement and delight Cheri accepted…running her fingers across the Sea Glass she excitedly proclaimed that she loves Sea Glass and that Bethany does too and will want to wear her necklace…she just might let her borrow it now and again.  I told Cheri no worries I’ll make one for her too.

What a blessing to meet Cheri Hamilton.  If you need inspiration on how to get through tough things you don’t understand her new book is a great tool.

Raising A Soul Surfer

Cheri Hamilton

Published by Regal

I’ve named this Sea Glass Necklace The Soul Surfer

If you would like one similar to this ( no two are exactly alike ) you can contact me at:


Fair Winds and Calm Seas,

Deborah Leon    Artist/Collector

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